Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brainbombs - Urge to Kill

well here is another brainbombs album for you guys, this is my second favorite one apart from obey. This is almost just as fucking good honestly, vocals are a little harder to hear but the guitar is fucking sweet and the lyrics never tend to amazing. if you ANY fan of any noise rock you would be stupid not to pick this one up, so lets fuck and kill everything


Japanese Women - Order

I have a special love in my heart for hardcore and noise rock. well this is hardcore/noise rock. and this fucking slays. the vocals are fucking intense and there is a layer of noise with the guitar that gives it that punch. this album makes me want to fuck up shit, so seriously get this, im going to be playing this quite a lot now

we like cool shit

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pagan Hammer - Ode to My Fathers

AMERICAN BLACK METAL NATIONALISM. this is really good black metal. get it, its very straight forward black metal but its like the trance type of black metal where ur like ahhh this is sick

Macronympha – Then and Now

just by looking at this cover, u should get this right away, this noise project is so good and i really enjoy these songs. I dont have much to say about this release, so just try it out, u wont be displeased with it. i promise.

take it 2 times

Nicole 12 – Braces

Well look what we got here, we got more pedo shit for you guys, another album to be offended by because of pedophilia. Its a very good release like always, Nicole 12 never seems to stray from his greatness of being really fucked up and making awesome PE for all you guys to hear. so get this, its only like 4 songs, but its still a great release.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pleasure Fluids – Amateur Pornography

More PE for the perverse and fucked up. 3 amazing songs i might add, this is intense PE if you cant handle it, then you suck. i wonder if anyone even reads these anyway,


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dolorvotre - Dolorvotre

Well look what we got here. Some new Black Twilight Circle. This is an excellent release indeed. The album is themed around drugs and there are songs called DMT and LSD. This is a really bizarre album and its just really evil also. Black twilight never fails to please. The vocals are fucking awesome on this also, so check this album out because you wont be disappoint. DO DRUGS AND WORSHIP BLACK TWILIGHT

Saturday, February 19, 2011

City Bones - Dead Close

Well we got something really special here. very lofi noise iljarn riffing. How great does that sound? the vocals are totally buried in the mix which sucks but this is still an excellent release i believe. Done by the same guy who has done Euthanizer, so if you want to feel groovy then get this, Brainiljarn

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay now for some witch house. This is pretty damn good stuff, it has a super creepy atmosphere also and its just really chill to relax to. The nice thing is that he releases all of his material for free. So im going to give you links to all 3 of his albums and yes all three of these albums are very awesome indeed. so put your swag back on and swag to this shit

swagger #1
swagger #2
swagger #3


Okay so this is a picture of her performing live, but this is a mix of all her live shows, im uploading this because there is nothing online of her music and she is really good. her vocals fucking slay, i guess i would consider this PE with some drone in it honestly. I totally recommend to get this, excellent female fronted PE


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Devil's Dung - Self Titled

ah this is pretty good straightforward black metal from mark mccoy and dominick fernow, with that being said, you should consider this to be very good and it is really fucking good. awesome haunting riffs with great awesome production and great song titles, this is evil. straight up evil yo


Willing Feet - Demo CS

this is a little nice surprise. a good mix of black metal and punk with horrible production. now hopefully you have come to love this type of music and if you havent then you just fucking suck monkey dicks. sometimes i really feel like im horrible at reviewing music, but lets be serious here, most people that want these albums are searching out for specific albums so im just making it easier, lets just say this isnt amazing or groundbreaking but its def a really good play and me being super fucking picky with my music. this always seems to please there ears. get fucked

City Bones - Dead Close

anybody who is somebody needs to get this mix of ildjarn and brainbombs mix. now if that doesnt sound good, then what does? the vocals are extremely hard to hear but the ones that u can hear are pretty awesome, this has some groove and it makes me wanna jam to this shit all day. thanks to wellfednoise for this rip

this link doesnt exist

Lonesummer - Satisfaction Feels Like a Tomb

well now isnt this quite a mix of genres, we got raw black metal, noise, and wow even some fucking sythpop. now how great is that. this album is pretty damn good i must say, it does an excellent job of mixing all these genres up and keeping it interesting, this album is beautiful while hateful, noisy while entrancing, and the vocals just sound fucking terrifying. get this if your any fan of black metal that love some of dat noise in it.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Garrotte - Count the Almonds

now i know this release has been upped on quite a few blogs, but since i posted the first demo i might as well post this. some great raw black punx. this is even better than there first demo. shit rules. so get this and piss people the fuck off with this. you will love the guitar tone and the vocals will destroy your ears. COUNT THE FUCKING ALMONDS OR YOU GETS DA HOSE

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sodality - Beyond Unknown Pleasures

this is a classic PE release about sexual bondage, its really good too, lots of old school PE is really interesting too, i would fully suggest to get this and im really tired right now so i really dont have much to say, but the cover is pretty cool indeed. here ya go


Nicole 12 - Lolita Love

By now you are very familiar with Nicole 12, well i hope you are, cuz this album is even better. the themes are quite the same and this album has shorter songs which i believe makes it an easier listen for the people who have super musical anxiety like me, but oh well, so check this shit out like how i always say, its a good release like always and blah blah blah dont be a faggot and get this, im posting it for a good fucking reason, so get this, ive tried to up this but it always fails, so here is another link from somewhere else, destroy ur anus

Bizarre Uproar - Purification

What can i say about this release, its possibly one of my most favorite power electronic releases, its very violent and the vocals from his wife are fucking great. apart from there newest release lily the flesh, this is very very different from it and not in the same vein but its prolly a bit better than lily the flesh, this is just good, i wish i could explain the sound of PE more, but its not that easy for me. just know this is pure assault. and get this because you wont be disappointed, PURIFICATION

Nicole 12 - Substitute

what can i say about this release. I could say many things but let me get one thing out there, if your down with the pedo theme then you will love this because this is just as fucked up as music can get(some may beg to differ) this is a special release for a special someone also, i know ull dig this and i hope everyone does too. So overall a very awesome power electronics release with a cool but fucked up theme, so go rape some KIDDIES

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garrotte - Demo I [2009]

pish posh says get this raw punx/black from denmark. do it. i believe in you. GET TO DA CHOPPA

War - More Days

sleepy time, from posh isolation, so u kno its good nigga, gut it. more syths for goddy

Raw Nerve - Nervous Habits CS [2011]

raw dirty hardcore from chicago, this is just a preview of their new album that is coming out this spring. 3 really good songs, i couldnt recommend this enough. so get it

raw pux to destroy ur cuntz