Friday, April 25, 2014

AODL & Dromez, Live Show Review [Salt Lake City, Utah, US, 4-24-14]

AODL is from SLC, Utah. Releasing cassette releases on Hospital Productions, Fusty Cunt, and Red Light Sound, AODL has been around for a while. Overall a flawless set of harsh noise with high pitched frequencies, Jeff does not disappoint. Everything he does is planned out and rehearsed making his set a sonic boom with his brand of chaotic harsh noise. His complex skill will using high frequency noise will make you want to never stop listening. Hopefully we will see him at the Denver Noise Festival again as he is very exciting to see live. You can listen to him on soundcloud.


The main act of the night was Dromez. Coming from Austin, Texas, this live set could be described in one word. Violent. With her brand of power electronics mixed with elements of harsh noise, she screams furiously into the microphone for a good 20 minutes.. Hated filled Austin electronics. Dromez certainly lives up to her name, outdoing many other projects vocals as you can feel the emotion of her screams through the high feedback. If you havent heard her stuff, def check it out. You can listen to her on her soundcloud.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Empiric - Familiar

Empiric is Jim Haras (Deterge, PTM, Deign) exploring pessimistic drone. This was released as a C20 on Crown Tapes in 2012 in a hand-numbered edition of just 30 copies.