Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arv & Miljö ‎– Antropocen [2014]

Lust Vessel. 2014. This release can only be described as pure quality. Lust vessel doesnt disappoint with its releases this year, this being one of my favorite releases by this project and even by the label. This release is very industrial in how heavy the sounds are, but it is layered with harsh noise, giving this release a very strong powerful sound. It tends to keep your interest the whole time, which is not because of the variation of sounds included but the overall intensity of noise and atmosphere. Im not going to lie, ive never been a huge fan of this project even including their posh isolation cs release. This release has gained my attention in the fullest. I would suggest picking this up while you can, its still available in some distros. Highly Recommended and possibly one of my top 2014 releases.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Salt Terror

Me and my pal have started a new label called Salt Terror. Here is our soundcloud if anybody is interested. Future releases from Hate Manifesto, AODL, and Streetmeat.

Salt Terror Soundcloud

Internazionale ‎– Protection Glass [2014]

Another release from Posh Isolation in 2014. Stuck in a dream. Soft ambient sounds. Having to do with a sexual theme, this posh release does not disappoint. Throw this on late at night and sit hearing the ambient sounds of the modern sexual mind.

Download (this is sold out, so enjoy)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Border Force ‎– Human Resources [2014]

Posh Isolation. By now you somewhat know to expected from this label. In regards to this release, say hello to minimal techno and its groovy beats. Easy to be put into a trance. Minimal Electronics, for the modern civilized world. Enjoy.


Graustich ‎– Werwolf Integrity [2014]

A solid release from the known Finish label F&V. Sounds of airplanes and old WWII speeches ontop of strong industrial sounds and some very filth styled vocals. The atmosphere of this release is definitely to be commented on as really amplify the overall sound of this 7'. This release is also still available i would suggest getting it while you can. WAR!!!!

Download (Thanks for the rip, Robbie)

Malignant Records (US DISTRIBUTION)