Saturday, August 17, 2013

[Posh Isolation 106] Rat-Alarm - S/T (2013)

Sounds like some more posh industrial with voices over the music. Sort of like LFY lyrics with industrial drum beats playing fast and ambient keyboard sounds to give it some tone. Lucky for you the tone gets more intense. Weird ass experimental tape. Well since its posh you should prolly get it ya?

this is weird shit please download now thx

[Posh Isolation 089] Croatian Amor + Rose Alliance - The Gold Of The Good Sister (2012)

This is from 2012 so its not from the newest posh update but its good stuff, 2 artists you should already know, which means you should automatically get it.


[Posh Isolation 110] Rose Alliance - Scandinavian Pictures (2013)

This sounds like some experimental techno industrial music. The drum beats in the back allow it to have that techno vibe. anyway this is good stuff, posh does not disappoint with this release. Cool sounds and fun to listen to.

what a cool name u should dl this

[Posh Isolation 108] Croatian Amor & Lust For Youth - Pomegranate (2013)

New release by posh isolation this year. Collab between these two artists, so you know what that means! Synthpop with lofi qualities thats incredibly enjoyable. I recommend this to anyone who follows this blog.

Try this out