Monday, September 29, 2014

I Like You Go Home - I Don't Know What To Say, I Don't Know What To Do, But I'll Always Take Care Of You

I was going to write a whole long description for this but fuck it; I don't know the artist at all. I found out about him by seeing a very impressive set last year at Milwaukee Noise Fest 2013, but that set was more harsh power electronics/death industrial than anything. The CD I bought that night ended up being completely different, but still really great.

I don't know anything about this release, to be honest, because it isn't up on Discogs, but I hope you enjoy. The first track is minimal and intense HNW. The second and third are more just straightforward (but very well-executed) harsh noise.



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shift / hh ‎– Full Weight Of The Opposition [2013]

This 7'' record was released in 2013 on Unsound Recordings. Two UK artists that both incorporate their styles to make a release involving junk metal and some great vocals overlaying it. Both artists are excellent at each style of music that they make, so do yourself a favorite and order yourself a copy as it is still in stock.

Unsound Recordings/direct order

Mordant Karma ‎– Profane Libido [2011]

This is a little gem I figured I thought id share. This is a Japanese noise artist closely related to the lust vessel group lineage. This is pure harsh noise but it definitely sounds condensed which I think it gives a heavier feel. Also including some really cool artwork as well. Good luck finding this one because that will be a challenge. Enjoy.