Monday, November 25, 2013

Sick/Tired ‎– King Of Dirt 12' [2013]

amazing vocals with grindcore/hardcore. this stuff is deadly.


Krömosom ‎– Nuclear Reich 12" [2013]

from the break up of pisschrist comes Kromosom, noisy crazy aussie crust. this is amazing so if your into crust you better get it because its great. I think you can still buy the release on discogs as well.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Family Smut / Streetmeat Split Review

Here’s a split from two rather unknown projects. Family Smut comes out of Utah with more straight-up harsh noise, while Streetmeat is a lesser-used power electronics project from Robert Newsome of White Gimp Mask and Grusom Dod. Each artist gives a 10 minute track, and it’s surprising how similar both sides are in terms of continuity of sound.
Family Smut throws up a harsh track of looping electronics, almost like a wall in that it remains a fairly rigid listening experience throughout. The quick jitters of the feedback weave in and out, sometimes blowing out so much that the leave little pockets of sound. Family Smut shifts its tone just a little bit about the halfway point; the pitch heightens, the track grows more intense. It’s all somewhat standard from a harsh noise standpoint, but the way the track seems to billow in and out, stuttering, makes it worth a listen.
Streetmeat’s power electronics starts out with rhythmic rumbles and static; the pattern ends in a couple of blown-out bursts. The track continues to flow along, with spoken word vocals that are very difficult to make out because of echo and reverberation. Still, the laid-back vocals belie the strength of the electronics; they churn and coalesce, hitting crescendos of feedback before sinking back into a deep rumble again with the feedback slipping in here and there.
It’s a short but sweet tape from both parties. Lots of standard noise fare throughout the 20 minute run, and for those that like a blend of harsh noise and power electronics, the pairing goes down nicely.

Vanity Productions ‎– I Allerførste Gry [2013]

Honestly i think this is the best release of this project yet. Although the first two were good, a full sound wasn't developed yet. I think they have found their sound. So don't be hesitant to skip this one because its pretty well done.


Reverse Baptism - Street Business [2012]

2 female vocalists, kevin drumm doing the electronics. dyke electronics


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kommando R.J.F. ‎– Sweet Slow Suicide [2013]

so this is another posh isolation release i have, its power electronics and its fantastic. great vocals, electronics, everything. Specifically states that its dedicated to all murdered by psychiatry. 300 copies and its still for sale as well

buy on discogs


Con-Dom ‎– Colour Of A Man's Skin

this needs no explanation and if it does then you are really missing out.