Sunday, December 15, 2013

Here is a review of my bathouse tape, enjoy.

Sordid Salt Lake power electronics bowing at the altar of Caligula. From a brief look at the band's Discogs page, it would appear that Bathouse is the only thing that this SLC based duo has released so far, a short cassette Ep with two untitled tracks of sweat-drenched delirium that spew out a low-fi, heavily distorted strain of power electronics that sounds like it was captured on an ancient blood-soaked Tascam machine. I'm not familiar with the other bands that members Tia Martinez and Jon Tabish are involved with, but with Bathouse they summon up some spectacularly filthy electronic chaos that I could definitely hear more of. Everything about this recording is distorted, the entire sound is blown out to hell, the vocals an incomprehensible lustful howl that's buried way down in the oceanic fuzz, the sound shifting from squealing, crushing over-modulated noise fused to punishing delay/feedback abuse, to churning asphalt-mixer distortion, the synth sound massively blown-out, droning and swarming, shattered into controlled bursts of crushing low-end hum, everything lost in the intense murky haze of tape hiss. Even through this bleary haze of low-fi filth, though, the sound of Bathouse is frantic, even scornful, with a similar violent unhinged feel as some of the recent releases from Grunt and Bagman. And through this murky storm of gutter electronics and rabid frothing-at-the-mouth incantations, the duo extol the glories of Roman hedonism, of flesh subjugated in the steam-heat of the public baths and violent lust exercised in the caldarium. Nice n' filthy, and recommended only to fans of the aforementioned perpetrators of nebulous PE and their ilk. Limited to just thirty-five copies - Crucial Blast (You can purchase the tape here for $6)

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